We understand that the health of your smile can affect more than just your teeth, gums and tongue. As dental professionals educated in the structure and function of the teeth, bones, and muscles of your face, we see dentistry as an opportunity to help restore balance to your bite and posture, which can help maintain your overall health. Think of how much your teeth bring to your life. They help you obtain the nourishment and pleasure of food. They can help you brighten a room, express joy and love with a smile. For these reasons and the impact your teeth have on your overall health, it’s important to value and treat them well throughout your lifetime.



Outstanding Level of Service

You are always at the center of care. The Dr.Alaa's Suleiman Dental Center team consistently strives for an excellent patient experience as well as outstanding results. Personal needs or special requests are accommodated when possible and, because your time is valuable, every effort is made to see you on time.

Individualized Care

Whenever our doctors design a treatment plan, they consider every aspect of your dental health as well as what is individually important to you and encourage your questions and input every step of the way. They take their time with you, asking questions about your health, habits and long-term dental goals so that they can provide you with the best care possible.

Unsurpassed Quality

In order to achieve the best aesthetic and functional results, our doctors maintain vigilant standards. They are highly attuned to the latest technologies, products and procedures and apply everything they know meticulously. Good is simply not good enough when it comes to our patients.

Warmth, Friendliness and Respect

Once you’ve put your trust in our team, we respond by getting to know you, making you feel at ease and treating you with respect. Special care is taken to alleviate fear in children, adults are never “scolded” for neglecting their teeth and our doctors pay close attention to the particular dental and medical issues of senior citizens.